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Complaint for the day

God I'm sick of Mrs. Schrotum giving us bullshit assignments without explaining them. Every fucking time we have a project or assignment she'll change her mind in the middle of it and fuck everyone up. She's a nice lady but goddamn I'm sick of that shit everyday. You don't give out assignments and tell your students how to do it one way then on the due date change what the format is after everyone is done. I just wanna shit in her mout sometimes for not thinking like the dumb cunt she acts like sometimes. I can't hate any teachers but I can dislike their actions and this woman just needs to take some downers and chill out when it comes to assignments and tests...
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I'm back

Last night I got on my Warcraft 3 account and played my first undead game and beat the hell out of those noobs. I'm back in biz so watch out cause I'm going to regain my position as "the best in Savannah" (title given to me by Greg).

At the mo. I'm at school in my 2nd block class. I am the only one in here and it will be like that until Friday because of the GHSGT. I'm not complaining it'll be a good week.
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My weekend was...

...Good... Very good indeed. I hung out with friends and went to the mall at least 3 times and hung out with Rachel alot as well as Russell, Adam, and Brian. On Friday there was a guy with his window down at a stop light and a huge puddle right next to the car. Anyone who has ridden with me after a nice rain knows I LOVE splashing the puddles. Well you can see where this is going, I hit the puddle at about 30 and splashed a nice 10 foot puddle over the car and there was no possible way the passenger didn't get a face and lap full of water. It was total bliss I sped off hoping he wasn't following me (which he didn't) and carried on with my day. I had Russell spend the night Thursday then and we played games and also on Friday I picked up Rachel and we went to the mall and just hung out.
Like I said earlier I got my Zoot Suit for the prom which I am very excited to wear, I also got an awesome hat with a feather. I just need a wider tie and I'll be in the pimp biz. Today I did nothing but play Gunbound and Fatal Frame 2 until Rachel called me around 6:30 so we rented "Without a Paddle" that movie is fucking hilarious a good show that was indeed.
Well that's all I have to update today. Tomorrow is school and I have notecards I have to finsih but probably wont but I gotta at least try. Take it easy everyone.
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Today is going alright so far. I have no plans except to see Jef today if I can before he goes back to school. It's raining to beat the band right now and there is nothing to do or play and like tybee cable is there is nothing to watch. On the brighter side it's going to be a good day and I got my suit yesterday with my mom and Rachel. All I have to say about it is Mr. Jones would be proud. =)
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