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Teh R34L 1337 H4X0R


28 February
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The new beginning

1337, animal crossing, anti-bam, anti-country, anti-ddr, anti-eminem, anti-mcdonalds, anti-nigger, anti-rap, arcade games, atari, aucshwitz, bad drinking stories, baulder's gate, bawls, berkaneu, black halos, books, brett, bryan, burnout 3, bushido blade, capachino, centipede, cheesy jokes, chemlab, chicks, chris farly, classic games, coffe, computers, darkstalkers 3, david spade, dead or alive, dead to rights, digital video editing, doom, doom 3, dos, dungeon keeper, eternal darkness, fable, family guy, final fantasy, final fantasy 7, forgotten realms, gamecube, good friends, goodwill, greg, grendel, gunbound, half life 2, halo, halo 2, halo online, hardcoreness, hiding, him, history, hitler, hocico, hot shots golf, i'd hit that!, icewind dale, jef, john candy, kirby, lan parties, lattes, leaving school early, legend of dragoon, lemmings, lord of the rings, lost prophets, mario, mario tennis, marvel v.s capcom, metal gear solid, metroid prime, money, morrowind, mortal kombat, music, mussalini, my car, night warriors, not being found, own3d, owning, pac man, panzer-division, photography, photoshop, pickles, ps2, pwn3d, pwning, r.a salvatore, rampage, resident evil, resident evil 4, retardo-bot, scott, snes, snowboarding, stalin, star wars, star wars: kotor, starcraft, starcraft brood war, sugar, suikoden, supa pwn, tekken, terrorfakt, the cure, the evolution control committee, the kovenant, thief, threats, time crisis 3, trance [] control, trapt, trash talking noobs, unreal tournament, video games, warcraft 2, warcraft 3, weapons, world of warcraft, worms, wumpscut, xbox, your car, zelda